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WWViews: The citizens’ voice at COP21

Side events, presentations, honorable mentions and a lot of hard work. WWViews had a massive presence at COP21 in Paris. Here are some of the headlines if you did not follow through Twitter and Facebook, or simply want to relive it.

Paris. During the two-week negotiations in Paris paving the road for the Paris Agreement, WWViews was an active and appreciated party at the COP.

At the opening day of COP21 (Nov. 30th) admits the fame of more than 150 heads-of-states, WWViews organized a first of four side events. This event focused on the inclusion of citizens in future political negotiations. The next days we organized two more side events, focusing on citizens’ role at COP21, and subsequently how the agreement should – or more rightly could – be implemented with the citizens.  Our final event on took place on Dec. 9th and Ms. Royal, the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy spoke about WWViews and participatory democracy.


Reflections. Reflecting on the aim of WWViews on Climate and Energy (to make policy-makers reflect on results from June 6, and bring the citizens voice into the global climate change negotiations) we actually think the project have succeeded in doing exactly that. The local WWViews Alliance partners have wieldy briefed their national delegation, and the global coordinators have through the support of the UNFCCC been able voice citizens’ opinion at the heart of the global climate change negotiations.

However, more can be done and more should be done to give citizens an institutionalize voice in international policy making. Therefore, we are working hard to secure a fourth WWViews in the future, where we again will rely on the hard work of all the partners in the WWViews Alliance.

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