World Wide Views on Climate and EnergyWorld Wide Views on Climate and Energy

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French President François Hollande praised it in his yearly speech to the French constitutional bodies, last January.


France will welcome – no need to say – the 21st conference of policy maker on climate change, COP 21. This is a very decisive stake. We must be ready, in current debates (this is diplomate’s role), but also in our own country, to be a reference, to be a model. French National Commission of Public Debate will so be in charge to prepare this meeting with a simple idea : in one hundred countries of the world, on hundred men and women citizens will gather together in order to express their opinion on main negociation’s axis. A World Wide Views citizen consultation !

I am proud our National Assembly President has been one of the firsts to join forces with this approach. I wish that the whole Parliament could actively be part of the debate on environmental conference and COP21. To Reach an agreement next December, we will need to convince all countries. Here too, we will need to show that we, host country, did the essential steps. energy transition is not actually just a policy project debated at Senate ; it already musts involve us.

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