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Afghanistan – Demographic Description

Citizens for the Afghan WWViews were mainly recruited from Kabul itself because of huge security issues that occured in the weeks before the event.
So, to assure a true representativeness of our sample we gave a special focus to citizens that were not born in Kabul and that arrived in the city less than two years ago (14% of the citizens while we planned to have 20% of people from the countryside).

We succeeded to have a gender balanced (49% of women, 51% of men) panel that also stood for the ethnical diversity of the country.
However we had an overrepresentativeness of literate people (83% against in our sample against 50% in the entire population).

Our sample was quite close to the age structure of the Afghan population and to its employement diversity.

At the end we had 109 citizens to assist the debate on the 6th of June.

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