World Wide Views on Climate and EnergyWorld Wide Views on Climate and Energy
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Colorado (USA) – Demographic description

Citizens for the Colorado (US) WWViews on Climate and Energy were recruited largely from the Northern Colorado region. The citizens who participated in the Colorado WWViews on Climate and Energy event were very close to the proportions of the general population of Colorado in gender, employment, and urban-rural place of residency. Citizens were close to the general population in race and ethnicity, however, Hispanic citizens were underrepresented at the deliberations.

Participants were also slightly overrepresented in population ages 18-24 and 65+, and educational levels of the participant population were particularly overrepresented with Bachelor and Graduate/Professional degrees. There was an overrepresentation of income levels less than $25,000 with a disparity of participants with income levels of greater than $100,000. Furthermore, active members of environmental organizations were overrepresented with 42% of participants reporting to be active compared to the 17% of US general population.

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