World Wide Views on Climate and EnergyWorld Wide Views on Climate and Energy
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Nepal – Demographic description

The citizens of World Wide Views on Climate and Energy in Kathmandu (Nepal) represented a fairly well proportion in terms of gender, geographic location, age, ethnicity and country side and city of location. The 104 citizens from 33 districts of five developmental regions of the country participated on June 6. Though there very less difference among the participants from non-member of environmental organization (102) versus member of environmental organization (2), the discrepancy in terms of the education level was however high. While merely two citizens were illiterate and five attended some primary level of education, 48 out of the 104 citizens attended college while 13 had a university level degree. This is pretty significant when compared to the national scenario where 46.7 % of the total population of Nepal has not attended any schooling. There was also a significant difference in terms of the participation of farmers in the event. Where 73.7 % of country’s total population is involved in subsistence agriculture, only 7 % (out of the 104) participants represented farming as their major occupation.

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