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Normandy (France) – Demographic description

Citizens for the WWViews on Climate and Energy in Normandy were recruited from the entire region by a specialized firm. The citizens who were invited to participate in the consultation were as a group very close to the population of Normandy in terms of age, occupation and place of living.

On the day of the consultation, there was, however, an overrepresentation of men (63% while against 49% in the population) and the age groups from 50 and up (60% against 42%), and an underrepresentation of women and the age groups under 40.

There was as well a small overrepresentation of people living in urban areas and an underrepresentation from rural Normandy (31% against 37% in the population).

The greatest discrepancy, though, showed up in education level. There were no participants with primary school as their highest degree at the consultation. Likewise, there was an overrepresentation of participants with an education level higher than the French “baccalauréat”, making up 69% of the citizens attending the consultation, against 20% of the population as a whole.

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