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Palestinian Territory – Demographic description

During the event day 103 Palestinian citizens participated from 11 governorates from all over the West Bank region; representing the different geographical areas, gender, age groups, education levels, and occupation. Females presented 44% of total number of participants (women forms 49.2% of the entire Palestinian population). Concerning the age distribution, the different age groups were represented at the event as following: 28% of participants were of the age group between 18-29 years old, 22% of participants were of the age group between 30-39, 19% of the age group between 40-49, 17% between 50-59, 8% between 60-69 and 6% above 71 years old. This indicates that the participants were mainly young participants, where 50% of the participants were between 18-39 years old. This is higher than the real presentation of the population where only 31.2 % are considered young; their age between 18-39 years old.

The greatest discrepancy, though, showed up in the education level. There were only 21% citizens with primary and elementary school as their highest degree at the consultative event, comparing to approximately 52% in the entire population. Likewise, there was an overrepresentation of participants with a profession-education or a university degree, making up 45% of the citizens attending the consultation, against 12.5% of the population as a whole. There were presenting less than 5% of the participants who holds a membership to an environmental organization (it is less than 1% in the entire Palestinian Population).

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