World Wide Views on Climate and EnergyWorld Wide Views on Climate and Energy
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Russia – Demographic Description

The representation of the participants of the WWViews on Climate and Energy in St.Petersburg largely reflects the diversity of Russia’s population. The age distribution correlated well with the overall country statistical data, with a minor exemption for the 70+ age group, which only filled half of their quota. Gender-wise, male participants constituted roughly one-quarter less of their actual percentage. In accordance with the recruitment strategy and the actual geographical distribution, 78% of the participants were city-dwellers, invited from within the limits of St.Petersburg, while the remainder represented rural areas. There was a slight discrepancy in terms of the educational level, as there were around 50% more participants with higher education than the country average. In terms of occupation, the number of service workers and students was around 30% higher than the quota, while retired people and industrial workers were slightly under-represented. The quota for unemployed people, as well as that for ENGO participants, was filled with accordance with the average numbers.

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