World Wide Views on Climate and EnergyWorld Wide Views on Climate and Energy
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South Korea – Demographic description

Citizens for the Korean WWViews on Climate and Energy were recruited from the entire nation. The citizens who participated in the consultation were as a group close to the population of Korea in terms of relative shares of gender, education level, occupation and place of living.

There was, however, some overrepresentation of the age groups from 60 and up. Whereas 18% of the Korean population is over 60, the percentage of the participants over 60 on 6 June was 27%. Also there was some discrepancy in level of education. There were less participants (41.5%) with less education (high school degree or less, 59.0%), while those with university degree were more (58.5%) than the proportion of such people in the general population (41.0%). Likewise, members of environmental organizations were also overrepresented. Only 7% of the Korean population holds a membership to an environmental organization, but around 14% of the participants in the consultation were members of such an organization.

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